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YouTube Is Shutting Down Marijuana Channels – News

Tv/censura-al-cannabis/” target=” blank”>notice about the censorship on April 12: “During the last six years, our YouTube channel has been a reference of information on cannabis culture in Spanish,” the statement translates. On April 11 and without notice, YouTube canceled our account. “

The pattern is international, targeting channels across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Some of these channels are purely educational or for entertainment; others are related to cultivation, grow shops, or seed banks.

MERRY JANE reached out to YouTube for comment, but received no response. ” Upon the first violation, the channel receives a strike and the video gets removed; the second violation leads to a moratorium on posting videos for two weeks; and the third violation results in account termination.

Account holders who believe their content was unreasonably removed have the option to appeal the strikes, according to YouTube’s terms.

Colasanti, like others who have been targeted, says her channel never violated any of YouTube’s community guidelines. ” The channel was started by Sandra and

Clara Sativa of Marihuana Television says they received various warnings before the ultimate shutdown, but that the channel had never violated community guidelines.

“I’m preparing a collective statement to share with all the Spanish channels affected to see which kind of strategy we can all follow together,” Sativa says. “Right now in this moment, everybody is doing their own appeal to YouTube, waiting for an answer. ” YouTube has yet to give these targeted channels the courtesy of a personal response.

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