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If you want your final product to be a smooth smoke with a very fine flavour, then don’t forget to flush your marijuana plants. It’s a necessary step in any cultivation process. Keep reading this article for exactly when and how to flush your marijuana garden!

Flushing is one of the crucial steps in the growing process that a lot of newbie growers neglect, and this can really affect the final product. The process of flushing is simple, easy and it can make all the difference.

To avoid an extremely harsh smoke and a somewhat disappointing flavour, flushing is necessary. It can be the waste of a really good grow to skip this fundamental step. So, to know exactly why, how and when to flush your plants, keep reading!

Why should you flush your cannabis plants?

Why, When & How to Flush Cannabis Plants- WeedSeedShop

Flushing is the act of watering your plants with water that is completely without nutrients. It is essentially giving your plants so much water, it comes out of the bottom of your pot looking (basically) clear. The water you use for this doesn’t contain nutrients, and this is what allows all of the nutrients to flush…

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