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Dutch law is merciless where anything related to driving is concerned. It punishes cannabis users and in the rest of Europe, the laws are even stricter. But what can you do to avoid being caught with cannabis when driving? This last part of an exclusive series from the Cannabis News Network offers some answers.

Police test drivers not only for alcohol but also for other substances such as amphetamines, cocaine and cannabis. Anyone who is over a given limit will be subject to sanctions. They face (heavy) fines and the loss of their licence. If you have an accident, you also run the risk of your insurer refusing to cover you.

What happens if you are caught driving with cannabis in Europe?

Driving while under the influence of cannabis is punished in Germany with a €500 fine and you lose your driving licence for three months.

In Belgium, the fine is between €1,600 and €16,000! On top of that, offenders will lose their licence for at least one month. To make matters worse, the judge can also decide to ban you from driving for up to five years. In the UK, cannabis users face losing their driving licence for a year, as well as a fine.

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