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Even some seasoned cannabis users have never heard of charas. Among those who have, there are still plenty who have never had the chance to consume charas. All would love to experience the creamy deliciousness of India’s most sought-after cannabis export. So what is charas, and how is it made?

Researching the history of charas (sometimes spelled ‘charras’) is complicated slightly by the fact that when it first began to be written about, the word charas was used synonymously with the word ‘hashish’.

It is only more recently that the basic differentiation of hashish being made from harvested, and therefore dead, cannabis plants, and charas being made from living ones, has become widely known and accepted. However it is still common for ‘hash’ to be used to define any type of solid cannabis resin rather than the flowers of cannabis plants.

Charas comes from living cannabis plants, hashish comes from harvested ones

For modern purists, the geographical origins of the final product also have an important role to…

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