The Shape of Today’s Cannabis Seed Market

The cannabis seed industry evolved in an inconsistent manner over the last few decades, and throughout its development, methods and approaches to breeding have varied widely. Many breeders work for years to stabilize strains, and keep meticulous records documenting every single generation and its characteristics, the results of each cross and backcross.

Others may employ less fastidious methods, potentially leading to less stable or less reliable strains. This has always been the case, and the lack of total transparency has been compounded both due to illegality and industry politics – people may obfuscate about cuttings of dubious provenance, or may not keep records due to the possibility of discovery and arrest, and so on.

Today, the global cannabis seed market is bigger than ever. It’s difficult to estimate exactly how big, as there do not appear to be specific data available. A five-year-old UNODC paper on the subject did not even attempt to put a figure on its value – but as the overall value of the cannabis…

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About Sensi Seeds

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