The Common Causes of the Yellowing of Marijuana Leaves

Sometimes things can go wrong in your cannabis garden even when you are taking great care of your plants. Even the most experienced cannabis growers can occasionally experience problems and yellow leaves are usually the first sign of trouble. Chlorosis or the yellowing leaves can be caused by incalculable reasons, and this is why growers need to know their causes and potential remedies.

This article delves into the details of yellow leaves in cannabis plants to help you identify the common causes. We have also incorporated some helpful tips for curing affected plants.

Cannabis home growers can use these tips to prevent the leaves of their cannabis plants from turning yellow. Read on to know more about cannabis leaves turning yellow.

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Proper Diagnosis of Yellow Leaves on Marijuana Plants

The yellowing of leaves on cannabis plants can be caused by many factors. Growers need to narrow down any possible causes by analyzing the affected plants. You need to first take note of the location of yellow leaves on your cannabis plants. Determine whether the yellow leaves are situated at the bottom of the plant or whether it is only the new leaves that are…

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