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Cannabis consumers come in many forms so we’ve included multiple points of view in our strain reviews. Our longtime reviewer Monterey Bud joins contributor Suzy Nguyen, Multimedia Coordinator Allena Braithwaite and Managing Editor Lesley Nickus. Today, they’ll be reviewing Lemon Tree by THC Design.

Lab Test Results by Cannalysis
Total Active Cannabinoids: 22.9%
Total THC: 770 mg
THCa: 710.5 mg
Delta-9 THC: 55.65 mg
THCv: 3.26 mg
CBD: 0.0 mg
CBC: 3.96 mg
CBG: 6.76 mg
CBGa: 21.1 mg
Primary Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, alpha-Pinene

Monterey Bud

When life hands you Lemon Tree, blaze it. A succulent 50/50 cross of Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel, Lemon Tree was cultivated by Southern California’s THC Design. A therapeutic smoke for the politically weary, my nug of Lemon Tree was covered with ripened trichomes and intertwined by amber pistils. In no mood to manually dissect my afternoon dose of medicine, I tossed the citrus and diesel powered bud straight into the grinder. Once fluffed, rolled, and smoked to the roach, my midday joint almost helped me forget about the 24-hour bombardment of unnaturally grim news. Typically high in the myrcene terpene, Lemon Tree’s relaxing effects help take those occasional rough edges off the late afternoon.

Suzy Nguyen

From smoke to structure, Lemon Tree by THC Design is pretty incredible. When I pulled the bud out to inspect it, the first thing I noticed was how sticky it was. How? As I took it out, a roughly a quarter of the nug was dangling by an orange hair. The dusty, green flower was coated in layers of dewy frost along with moderately long, protruding orange hairs. Every hit pulled in captivating and crisp citrus flavor. A few puffs deeper, and the tropical essence drops your taste buds into a heavenly paradise. Needless to say, I enjoyed this well-rolled joint. Props, Lesley. The smoke was smooth and kept a consistent burn and flavor.

Allena Braithwaite

“This tastes like mango — in a cantaloupe way.”

Had it already gotten to my head? Probably, but I also read it had a substantial content of B-Myrcene which is a dominant terpene in mangos. This bud has orange pistils and light green leaves covered in tiny white hairs. Although the bud is easy to break up, it still retains its sticky and spongy character. These flowers are pungent, wildly citrus and sweet. I’m a sucker for aromatics, especially of the dank variety. Be warned: Lemon Tree’s smell has allure. After observing all that exterior had to offer, we rolled a joint which delivered tokes packed with flavor and chill.

Lesley Nickus

What does it look like?
An elongated nug covered with orange hairs and trichomes.

What does it smell like?
Like fuel mixed with citrus.

How does it feel?
Squishy and super sticky.

How did you smoke it?
In a joint.

How does it taste?
Really tasty, but I can’t put my finger on that flavor.

How do you feel?
Uplifted and relaxed at first then in need of a nap.

Strain reviews are conducted on strains submitted by cultivators and brands for consideration. If you have a favorite strain you’d like us to review, share your feedback in the comments.

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