Preview: Soon-to-Open Cannabition in Downtown Las Vegas is a Stoner’s Dream Come True

Some short-term memories are unforgettable.

In the center of Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, near the Slotzilla zip line thrill ride  will sit Cannabition, the world’s first and only immersive cannabis museum. The museum is designed for adults 21 and older who are cannabis consumers, non-consumers, past consumers, or just curious about cannabis. Guests will be greeted by a “Canna-Guide,” then led through multi-sensory exhibits that can be seen, touched, and even smelled. arrived in Vegas a little early for the party, so we took a look around at the work in progress and spoke to owner JJ Walker about his vision.

What is Cannabition?

Cannabition will be a first-of-its-kind immersive museum with cannabis-themed attractions. The purpose of Cannabition is to connect the community to cannabis through a series of educational and interactive exhibits.

Each installation will tell the story of the cannabis plant from seed to sale. Visitors will enter the 420 Room and dive straight into cannabis culture. The walls will be decorated with marijuana slang terms, along with a bejeweled rhino head. If that’s not psychedelic enough, the 9-foot-tall neon numerals four, two, and zero should stop you in your tracks. The larger-than-life translucent numbers are custom-made and durable enough for guests to climb upon, pose with, and play on.

This illustration shows the floor plan of Cannabition, a marijuana museum set to open in late September 2018 in downtown Las Vegas.

After snapping and posting pictures in the 420 Room, visitors will start their journey through the life cycle of the cannabis plant when they enter the Seed Room. The exhibit will be designed around a growing seed that is shaped like a bed and opens like a clamshell for a retro, sexy ’70s feel. The following installation will replicate an indoor cannabis grow with authentic grow lights beaming over a series of lifelike plants in various stages of growth.

After the Seed Room is the Harvest Room, here, guests will enter an ethereal forest with five life-sized, huggable buds. The Harvest room will be home to the world’s largest fake buds — towering at 7 feet tall. If the giant buds aren’t enough, there will also marijuana flower replicas dangling from the ceiling. Here, visitors can learn the benefits of cannabis and how it can be used in everyday life to promote health and wellness.

After graduating from bud basics 101, it’s on to the “High” room experience. To enter, visitors must climb up 10-foot replica nug sacks before passing through juicy red lips that “exhale” the visitors as they go sliding into a pool of soft foam nugs. This installation is presented by The Clear Concentrate. In this room, cannabis enthusiasts can fully immerse their senses and learn about chemical components that make up cannabis, such as terpenes and cannabinoids.

Cannabition is teaming up with WVapes to create the Indica Room. The cool-colored lights and mellow music will ease your senses and provide the placebo Indica effect. In cannabis consumer world, Indica strains are said to be relaxing. In the center of the room will sit a jolly Buddha to represent zen and calmness. Guests will be able to sit in Buddha’s lap and take a quick pic for the ‘Gram.  

Rise and shine straight into the Sativa Room, decorated with clouds from the ground to ceiling and highlighted with bright colors. The Sativa Room represents the high-energy effects and ability of cannabis to stimulate the mind. The eye-catching colors will snap you out of the Buddha-lap couch lock and get you back in touch with your senses.

Toward the end of the journey, visitors will enter the Ritual Room, where they can interact with various methods of cannabis consumption rituals, such as smoking from a massive Raw joint. Guests can also swing from a PAX tree, interact with a 6-foot-tall CannAmerica gummy, or come face-to-face with the world’s largest bong. Standing tall and proud, “Bongzilla” is a 24-foot masterpiece designed by Jerome Baker designs and can be used as a smoking device if and when (fingers crossed), Nevada allows for public consumption.

Cannabition’s Ritual Room, shown in this rendering, is where visitors get the chance to interact with various methods of marijuana consumption. In simulations, Guests can smoke from an oversized RAW joint, swing from a Pax tree, play with a CannAmerica gummy that is 6 feet tall, or have a real-life encounter with “Bongzilla.”

The final exhibit will feature beer tastings from Two Roots Brewing Co. This Southern-California born company created the world’s first non-alcoholic “CannaCrafted” beer and has partnered with the world’s first cannabis museum to serve non-infused samples.

When is Cannabition expected to open?

Cannabition is expected to open to the public on Sept. 20, 2018. Located on 450 Fremont Street, Suite #140 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Operating hours will be from 4:20 p.m. to midnight. Visitors can purchase tickets online or onsite. To reserve tickets, visitors must select a time frame before proceeding to the next screen. General admission for Nevada residents will be $14.20; guests must have ID to show proof of residency. Public general admission tickets will be available for $24.20 and VIP tickets will be available for $42. VIP ticket holders can skip the line and will receive complimentary Cannabition swag.

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