President Trump and 12 State Governors Voice Support for Cannabis STATES Act

The bill, officially known as the Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States Act of 2018, would essentially prevent the federal government from interfering with any state, U.S. territory, or tribal land that chooses to legalize or decriminalize cannabis in any form. On Friday, the president somewhat reaffirmed his promise, telling reporters that he “Probably will end up supporting” this new bill. This change would free up the financial industry to serve the cannabis industry without fear of federal censure, finally allowing canna-businesses access to banks, loans, and tax deductions.

The bill does prohibit anyone under 18 from working in a cannabis facility, and also prohibits the sale of recreational cannabis to anyone aged under 21. Even if passed, the bill would not end all federal enforcement of cannabis crimes, as anyone who violates any aspect of a state’s cannabis laws would remain subject to full federal prosecution. The bill also leaves individual states with the right to continue prohibiting any and all forms of cannabis use at their own discretion. Last Friday, six Democratic and six Republican state governors sent a letter to Congress asking lawmakers to support the new bill. “Our states have acted with deliberation and care to implement programs through thoughtful and comprehensive legislation and regulations,” the governors wrote, according to Marijuana Moment.

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