New Jersey arrests more people for weed than almost any other state. : news

New Jersey is a state made of mostly suburban towns. Each with their own police department with a ratio of officers:citizens that would seem absurd in other states. The neighboring towns are all between 70-100 cops for between 50-60k people. This doesn’t include state police or county sheriffs.

Compared to Virginia where my brother is a sheriff deputy and they have 24 officers spread across an entire county with a population of ~50,000.

In addition to having a ton of cops, the area is relatively affluent. Houses start in the “Low 300s” we aren’t the wealthiest part of the state most of the people here are self employed in the trades or commute to the city about 40 minutes away.

This gives the cops pretty much nothing to do but harass our kids. Occasionally they get a heroin bust and maybe once every 5-10 years there’s a murder in one of the towns, but the bigger stuff is usually done by State and County law enforcement since they have all the labs anyway. No one would ever dare suggest reducing the size though.

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