How to Store Weed And Keep It Fresh

One of the most common ways to waste good quality weed is to let it get “old”. But you can completely mitigate this problem if you store your buds correctly. The right storage means considering factors such as light, temperature and humidity – kind of like a grow room! For some tips on keeping your weed fresh for a long period of time, read our guide to storing buds.

We’ve touched on the topics of cannabis shelf-life and weed rehydration here at WeedSeedShop, but now it’s time for some harm reduction. If you store your buds properly, there’s no reason to worry about any of those things!

A great harvest feels great. And a good yield is double-good. And hallelujah that you’ve dried and cured your buds properly. It would be a pity to waste all of that by not thinking about a good storage solution, wouldn’t it?

Any cannabis grower is necessarily posed with the storage issue. Unless, of course, you’re able to consistently smoke your way through a harvest (no judgments here). So how exactly does one keep their buds luscious and fresh all the way through to the next…

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