How to Make Cannabis Lube – a Recipe

At WeedSeedShop, we’re always looking for new ways to use all of that awesome cannabis that you’ve been growing. And making cannabis lube at home is the perfect way to use all those extra buds. Especially if you want to spice things up in the bedroom! In this article, you can learn how to make your own cannabis lubricant at home!

Are you ready to get your private bits tingling with cannabis sensations? Maybe it sounds a little bit strange, and maybe it is somewhat strange to go rubbing weed on your genitals.

But cannabis lube is no laughing matter. It’s a much more pleasurable one. And it’s completely unnecessary to shop online covertly for such items. You can make your very own cannabis lubricant!

Perhaps this product is not really for the one-night stand kind of sexual encounter. It requires making an oil-based lubricant, which condoms do not like. And we’re definitely advocates for safe sex.

So, you should either save this one for foreplay or work it into your baby making scheme. Ahh, a baby conceived at the hands of marijuana. Did anything ever sound sweeter?


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