How to Clone A Cannabis Plant

There are generally two ways to grow marijuana. The first is from seeds and the second from clones. If you’ve found the perfect marijuana plant and believe that it’s time to clone it, we’re going to teach you how. With this how-to, you’ll have successful clones within ten days.

If you have been trying your green thumb at cannabis breeding, the next logical step might be to start cloning. Most breeders won’t start a cloning process until they’ve arrived at one or some of their best performing plants. This is because the cloning technique of reproducing cannabis creates exact replicas of the plants that they came from.

Producing plants from a cannabis seed necessarily means that there will be some variation in the final crop. But a garden created from clones will produce almost identical plants. As you can imagine, cloning is only something valuable if you’ve stumbled across a treasure.

If you consider yourself lucky enough to have found that golden nugget, then this article is for you. We are going to teach you successful methods of cloning so that you can continue to…

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