How the Light Spectrum Affects Cannabis

Growing cannabis is an adventure into physics and biology as much as it is an adventure into botany! Understanding a little bit about how the light spectrum affects cannabis plants can help you create the best growing environment for your goals. In this article, you’ll learn all about how different coloured light changes the behaviour of marijuana plants.

To the regular eye, all light seems more or less the same colour. However, when we look a little closer, we see that actually, light is made up of a lot of colours. All of the colours in the spectrum in fact.

This is perfectly demonstrated when you shine a light through a prism or even observe a rainbow after a storm. What we see is that white light contains all the colours of the rainbow. Now what does this have to do with your cannabis crop?

Research tells us that the colour of light can alter the way that a plant chooses to grow. In general, this doesn’t apply to plants that are grown outdoors. On the other hand, indoor growers have maximum control over the colour of light they choose to use – but changing it up is never…

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