Go Solventless for the Solstice With Skunk Feather Concentrates’ Juicy Fruit Sap

Longer daze, extended buzz – the taste is really “gonna move you.”

At pagan parties or feasts and bonfires, a dab of Juicy Fruit Sap is the perfect way to celebrate the official beginning of summer, which kicked off June 21, 2018. A solventless extract created by Northern California’s Skunk Feather Concentrates, Juicy Fruit Sap (JFS) was developed utilizing various terpene profiles from select strains to mimic the original flavor of the Juicy Fruit cannabis strain.

Skunk Feather Extracts

Afghani x Thai

Appearance: Caramel-colored and semitransparent, Juicy Fruit appears almost liquid at first glance – typical for many solventless concentrates. Once I stirred and gathered the concoction on the dab tool, my discerning eye noticed the high-terpene sap is laced with tiny crystals. A great vape for longer days and shorter nights, these sappy little dabs of goodness will elevate your mood like a rising sun at the beach.

The Dab: Heated, vaped, and held from the e-nail in the home office, my first impression was that of mixed fruits with hint of acidity. Like a stimulating fruit smoothie on a hot day, JFS is a refreshing way to kick off summer – on an extremely high note. A fruit-forward flavor profile, the sap’s taste lingered on my palate for several minutes after exhaling.

Flavor: Savory, invigorating, and just slightly tangy, the tropical dab was citrusy and sweet. Significantly more enjoyable (and flavorful) than its chewing gum eponym, my mouth salivated just smelling this delicious sap.

The High: Is it alchemy or science? Juicy Fruit Sap is the new solar elixir for celebrating the summer solstice. A 50-50 hybrid, Juicy Fruit’s high mitigates both physical and cerebral issues.  And while many celebrate the summer solstice by offering their gratitude for the sun’s bounty or casting a spell for protection, Skunk Feather’s Juicy Fruit Sap will help unleash your spirit and enable self-reflection.

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