Extract Tag Team Champs Dabblicious and Hashey Larry Make Another Winner in Tahoe OG Budder

Dabblicious has proven time and again it knows a thing or two about making great extracts, and Hashey Larry’s Tahoe OG Budder is a prime example of that knowledge. Sourced from some of California’s finest state-compliant cannabis strains, the high-octane extracts made by Hashey Larry and Dabblicious have won more than 15 awards since the company was founded in 2014.

While Dabblicious is best known for producing jaw-dropping crumbles, live resins, and sauces, its budders haven’t received much love as of late. As such, I couldn’t help but feel it was time to rectify that oversight. My gram of Hashey Larry’s Tahoe OG Budder, gifted for review by a colleague, was golden, terpy and robust. My first dab of Hashey Larry’s Tahoe OG set the proper mood as we head into the first weekend in August 2018.


Hashey Larry’s Tahoe OG Budder is an orangish nug run extract. My gram of Larry’s budder was a congealed mound of solidified crystals. The moist collection of terpenes and cannabinoids found in Hashey Larry’s Tahoe OG Budder looks like an avalanche of golden trichomes came pouring down from a high mountain peak. A refreshing extract for the experienced dabber, Hashey Larry’s Tahoe OG Budder provides a chilling relief for the fatigued mind.


Dabbed from my quartz banger, Hashey Larry’s Tahoe OG Budder was an incredibly clean and smooth vape. While the first dab provided an immediate sense of comfort and consolation, the second dab stuck the proverbial fork in my day. As the dab‘s vapor made its way through my rig and into my lungs, I noticed my overall level of anxiety and frustration decreasing precipitously.


Like pure bliss, the flavor of Hashey Larry’s Tahoe OG Budder embraced the typical flavors you expect from a great Tahoe OG extract: jet fuel, lemons, skunk, and just a hint of sweet pine. With an overarching petroleum aroma, these dabs tickled my nostrils and engaged my cranium.

The High

An Indica-forward dab with a Sativa kicker, Larry’s budder was strong and fast-acting. Known for its hard-hitting hybrid buzz, this budder is one that’s best suited for nighttime use. Almost immediately relaxed, I was put down like a rabid beast by the potent extract in a matter of minutes. While primarily providing a physical high, this Tahoe OG Budder also instilled a euphoric state of mind.

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