Concentrate Review: Dosidos Terp Sauce

Imagine a skunk running loose in a patch of sweet mint. The result might smell something like Dosidos Terp Sauce. Cultivated and extracted by Cali Green Gold, the Dosidos Sauce is an Indica-dominant dab with genetic links to OGKB Cookies and Face Off OG. Ambrosial, compelling, and ready to assist with mitigating minor aches and pains, the high of this terp sauce provides a laid-back sense of collective tranquility and therapeutic relief. And after a few post-dinner dabs of Dosidos, not even the threat of a full moon rising can keep me awake as we head into the weekend.

Close shot of terp sauce

Cali Green Gold’s Dosidos Terp Sauce

Appearance: Dosidos Terp Sauce looks like a golden glob of coagulated cannabinoid crystals suspended in a bath of terpene juice. A Live resin Sauce, sometimes just called “terp sauce,” this Extract retains a wider range of the flower’s compounds than your average Waxes, Budders, or Shatters, and encourage the cannabis plant’s entourage effect. Presented as a puddle of solidified crystals and moist terpenes, the peach-colored Sauce looks and smells good enough to eat.

Dab: High-octane gas for the mental engine, Dosidos Terp Sauce melted slowly and smoothly on my ceramic nail. Reduced to a liquid and inhaled as a vaporized cloud of relief, my dab of Dosidos Terp Sauce was just what the doctor ordered. After one quick rip of Dosidos Terp Sauce, I could feel the power and promise of inner peace

Flavor: Dosidos Terp Sauce, like its pre-run flower, retains subtle notes of shortbread cookies and mint mojito when dabbed from a low-temperature nail. Dosidos Terp Sauce is a sweet and tantalizing hit at low-temps – about 400 degrees Fahrenheit (about 204.44 degrees Celsius) and had a hashier flavor profile and harsher effect on the throat when vaped from a higher-temperature nail.

The High: Dosidos Terp Sauce refueled the depleted imagination and soothed the body’s aching joints — a distinctive dab with a heady high. Now seeing the world with eyes closed and hearing the universe without ears, I’ve become an impartial observer of life, ready for a sound night’s sleep.

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