Cannabis Ruderalis: The Third Weed

For the regular cannabis user, there are only two kinds of weed: indica and sativa. But there is, in fact, a third, lesser known and lesser spoken about sub-species of cannabis called cannabis ruderalis. Although it isn’t famous among consumers, it is used often by breeders for its special qualities. To learn more about this sub-species of cannabis, keep reading this article.

Have you ever showed up to a dinner party that consisted of your best friend, his/her boyfriend/girlfriend and… you? That’s kind of how cannabis ruderalis shows up to the party. It’s like that friend that often gets overlooked because they’re easy to forget when they’re not around. But when you finally get to see them, you remember how valuable that friendship is!

Most of us are familiar with the more popular kinds of cannabis, such as cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. In fact, there’s probably a lot of marijuana users out there who have no idea what cannabis ruderalis is. Is it a different kind of cannabis or is it just a subspecies? Even botanists don’t know how to answer this…

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