Can Medical Marijuana Treat Autism?

It is a shame that the empirical evidence relating to autism and cannabis is still in a very early stage, because there is so much anecdotal evidence. There are parents who are testifying to the positive effects of cannabis on autism. But what else do we really know about the relationship between the two? Read this article to learn more.

Autism is a lifelong journey for those who have it, and there are unfortunately very few pharmaceutical treatments for it. Characterized by its symptoms only, the actual cause of autism remains unknown. In fact, autism as a defined medical condition has only really been around since the 40s, and cannabis’ relationship with it is even younger still.

Most of the stories we have been exposed to about the relationship between cannabinoids and autism is anecdotal, but nonetheless compelling. As we come to learn more, albeit slowly, about the relationship between marijuana and this interesting illness, it seems that cannabis might pose a potential treatment for some.

What is autism?

Can Medical Marijuana Treat Autism? - WeedSeedShop

Autism, which is the abbreviation of Autism Disorder Spectrum (ADS),…

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