85% of Americans Support Medical Marijuana Legalization, New Survey Says

Welcome to the marijuana majority. After decades of criminalization, persecution, and fear-mongering, the tides of public opinion have turned, with a majority of Americans now voicing support for both medical and adult-use cannabis legalization.

The latest poll corroborates a number of studies from the past few years showing overwhelming advocacy for marijuana law reform.

In addition to changing opinions on the social acceptability of lighting up a joint, more than half of the Harris Poll respondents said that they believed medical marijuana legalization would lead to a decrease in opioid deaths.

Still, while state-level activist groups and lawmakers have had incredible success in altering local laws, federal legislators have continuously rejected comprehensive prohibition reform measures, clearly ignoring the will of their constituents.

Of the 15% of respondents who did not wish to see marijuana legalized in any form or fashion, more than two thirds said that they worried that legal weed would get into the “Wrong hands,” and be ingested by children or pets.

Broken down by age, the Harris Poll data shows 67-68% support for all forms of legalization from adults aged 18-44, with backing for recreational reform only dropping below 50% for those aged 65 and older.

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