How much cannabis is too much?

Even though some people may claim otherwise, nobody has ever died from a cannabis overdose. Not even Snoop Dogg would be able to consume the quantity required to OD. However, anyone who has made space cake with an excessive amount of cannabis knows that too much cannabis can be very unpleasant.

Reports on cannabis overdoses appear in the media from time to time. The most recent example concerns a case in Colorado, in which an eleven-month-old baby boy died from heart failure.

According to the doctors in attendance, Dr. Thomas Nappe and Dr. Christopher Hoyte, the cause of death was myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle). In their autopsy report, they draw attention to the fact that cannabis was found in the boy’s blood. “The only thing that we found was marijuana. High concentrations of marijuana in his blood. And that’s the only thing we found,” said Dr. Hoyte.

What happened afterwards is typical in this day and age, in which journalists are more concerned about the number of clicks than about the content….

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