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The Strain Review is the quintessential column. And since cannabis consumers come in many forms, we’ve included multiple points of view. Our longtime reviewer Monterey Bud joins contributors Lesley Nickus, Allena Braithwaite and Suzy Nguyen. Today, they’ll be reviewing Enjoyable’s XJ-13.

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Monterey Bud

As celebrated strains are crossed, greatness transpires. A hybridized mix of G13 x Jack Herer, the XJ-13 cultivated by Enjoyable smells like a heady blend of tropical fruit and spices. Tight yet supple, my sample nug of XJ-13 had a lime-green hue, flashed peach colored pistils, and was generously covered with some of Mother Nature’s most effectual medicine. A hit of relief for my overstimulated cranium, the strain provided cannabinoid-filled trichomes and pungent terpenes for a seriously spaced-out high. After rolling and smoking the bud as my 4:20 treat, this Sativa-dominant strain provided the inspiration and energy to finish my workday on a high note.

Allena Braithwaite

Enjoyable sure knows how to grow ‘em! XJ-13 came in a glass jar, and the perfectly trimmed and cured nugs taunted me as I waited to review. This cultivar sports excellent bud structure with an abundance of orange trichomes and stringy amber hairs. The aroma is something to savor. Enjoyable’s XJ-13 gives off a clean, herby aroma with notes of pine and citrus. Prepared in a joint and passed among friends, the bud made no secret about its potency. Just a few rounds into the sesh, I was elevated into a positive mood. Effects felt like a brain surge. I was listening to every word of two separate conversations happening around me at once — and I made periodic interjections in both. I probably looked disconnected sitting between two talking groups while looking at no one in particular, but I was just taking it all in.

Lesley Nickus

When I started using marijuana years ago to help me focus, XJ-13 was high on my list for good reason — it makes it hard to multitask, and it silences cerebral noise. Enjoyable’s variety is no different. The citrus terpenes in XJ-13 came through strong in this spongy, sticky nug. The flower was a medium green, lightly speckled with orange pistils, and covered in a frosty jacket of trichomes. The flavor in a joint with a glass crutch was pleasant and not too strong. For me, the head high was pretty intense and while there was a fog behind my eyes, I was still able to be productive throughout the day.

Suzy Nguyen

XJ-13 by Enjoyable brought my body back to life. The wood and skunk flavors left a cheesy aftertaste, while the effects mellowed my mind and stimulated the energy I needed to muscle through the day. After a few hits, my arms and legs were numb, I was couch-locked, and I was  stoned. The conversations around me were going in one ear, out the other, and I began to lose interest in the things around me. The strain didn’t wake up my appetite, and my mouth was as dry as the Vegas desert in mid-July — so keep something to drink handy when smoking XJ-13.

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