More California Counties Announce Plans to Expunge Past Cannabis Convictions – News

low-level cannabis offenders clear their criminal records. Proposition 64 not only made recreational cannabis use legal in the Golden State, but it also allowed anyone with a minor cannabis offense on their record eligible to have that record reduced or even expunged entirely.

Several local district attorney’s offices across the state are stepping up to help former offenders by automatically identifying eligible records and clearing them.

In February, Alameda County announced plans to dismiss almost 6,000 old cannabis convictions. “We join our state officials and intend to reverse decades of cannabis convictions that can be a barrier for people to gain meaningful employment. The office has invited anyone who is eligible to have cannabis-related offenses cleared or reduced to fill out a petition. Sonoma County DA Jill Ravitch has assigned a deputy district attorney to process these petitions.

Last week, Yolo County officials also announced that they would be working to automatically clear some offenders’ records. Reisig said that anyone else who is eligible to have their records cleared can contact his office and apply for a petition at no charge. “If they’re entitled to relief, they don’t even have to come to court,” he said. L.A. County DA Jackie Lacey has said that her office will not be helping offenders clear their records.

That may be due to change if a new bill proposed by Assemblyman Rob Bonta passes.

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