Texas woman arrested for marijuana takes mugshot, gets requests for makeup tips : nottheonion

People’s lives shouldn’t be ruined over a harmless plant.

I mean…it’s not “Harmless” in that it does alter your brain chemistry; it’s not like basil, after all.

But the thing is, we shouldn’t need to downplay it as “Just a plant” anyway-we already sell drugs and alcohol that also alter brain chemistry and, esp. Given the very destructive nature of alcohol, it’s a point of hypocrisy that the government allows one and not the other.

That said, I believe the reason the government still has issue with pot is b/c anyone can grow it, whereas alcohol is much more difficult and specialized, the alcohol industry is well-established in paying into govt, and there are still politicians who don’t like the idea of citizens using a drug without control and without paying for it.

Ironically, it’s the GOP that has issue with pot: the “Small govt!” people with think govt should not “Interfere in people’s private lives” who also think people with any pot at all should be locked away for life.

Tl:dr: elections matter! If you want to change drug laws, pay attention to which candidates are for decriminalizing marijuana.

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