NFL Player Demetrius Harris Sentenced to Two Days in Jail, Two Years Probation for Weed Charge – News

Similarly, Harris’ life as a professional football player, including traveling out of state to away games, potential media appearances and endorsement meetings, is not conducive to the life of a probationer, despite his undeniably positive societal role as an athlete. Like Meek Mill, Harris will be liable to be sent back to jail for any number of minor infractions, including missteps as small as scheduling conflicts – all for being charged with a bag of weed that could have been purchased legally at a store in any number of states. Harris is on the last year of his current contract with the Chiefs, and will need to sell himself in free agency next offseason, a task that could prove incredibly hard with a criminal conviction shadowing him at every potential meeting.”>nearly a million people per year who are arrested for nonviolent cannabis crimes in the U.S. Until cannabis reform is adopted on a national scale, Americans, and especially people of color, will continue to be persecuted and subsequently roped into a system that can hold one down for years.

As of press time, the Kansas City Chiefs, Harris’ current team, have not released a comment concerning the tight end’s sentence.

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