Michigan Orders Shutdown of 40 Pot Shops, More Expected This Week – News

Photo via O’Dea

40 Michigan marijuana dispensaries got a rude awakening last week, as state regulators and local cops hand-delivered cease and desist demands, ordering them to close up shop and cease any cannabis sales immediately.

Michigan legalized a loosely regulated medical marijuana program in 2008, with widespread access similar to California’s Proposition 215 program. Even in the face of the state’s transitional leniency, a significant number of pot shops have avoided the licensing process altogether.

“Any business that didn’t apply for a license by Feb. 15 isn’t in compliance with the emergency rules that were set up,” said David Harns, state regulatory spokesman,

If targeted dispensaries and producers refuse to comply with the state’s cease and desist directives, businesses could be blacklisted from ever receiving a proper state license and eventually face both civil and criminal charges. Html” target=” blank”>According to local NBC affiliate WNDU, state police and officials did not confiscate any cannabis products or make any arrests when they delivered the closure notices.

For Michigan officials, the path to total compliance will come through visibility and persistence.

Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Licensing Board will meet next week to begin assessing the state’s properly submitted canna-business permit applications.

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