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Toffee Turtles

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Chillaxify, Inc. is proud to offer its line of cannabaceutical products made using commercial-grade procedures and best practices. All products are labeled with accurate nutritional information, ingredients lists & cannabaceutical-levels directly on the packaging. Wholesalers and retailers are able to offer a commercial-grade product that consumers can purchase with full confidence in the quality of its ingredients and manufacture.

Toffee Turtles™ Decadent. Medicated. Delicious. ™

Although each Toffee Turtles Tub contains approximately 200 mg of THC, there is no discernible medicinal taste. Rather, Toffee Turtles deliver a unique, gourmet flavor profile and taste experience through its proprietary combination of Decadent Caramel. Rich Chocolate & Toffee Crystals. ™

Nothing but good stuff!

Toffee Turtles and all Chillaxify, Inc.’s products are made exclusively with premium, organic ingredients.

Lab Tested

Chillaxify, Inc. participates in The Werc Shop’s Certified Cannabaceuticals™ program to consistently test its ingredients for potency and quality. The program was designed to ensure quality and safety of medical cannabis products through the use of sophisticated analytical techniques and validated methods.

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