Medicinal cannabis as an opioid substitute

Opioids are the latest plague in the US. Now that the pharmaceutical industry has created an army of addicts, the drug cartels have leaped in to fill the gap. They are flooding America with heroin and fentanyl. We wanted to find out how it was possible for this unprecedented crisis to come about, and why medicinal cannabis offers a glimmer of hope.

The morgue in Dayton, Ohio is full to bursting. Some days there are lifeless corpses arriving every hour. “We’re running at full capacity”, confirms the coroner.

Along with its neighbours Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, the state of Ohio is one of the areas in the country hit hardest by the opioid crisis.

Videos of addicts collapsing in public – in supermarkets, at filling stations, on buses – are circulating on the Internet. The scale of the crisis is such that Donald Trump declared a national emergency last autumn.

The US is drowning in pain

The figures speak very clearly: In 2016 64,000 people died of an overdose. That is more deaths than at the peak of the…

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