We Tried Rolling Those Viral Rose Petal Blunts

A few weeks ago, a number of readers reached out to ask if I’d seen the viral video on Twitter of a woman rolling blunts with rose petals. A sucker for a novelty weed smoking trick, I obliged the internet inquiries and watched the video.

It was mesmerizing. Twitter user @Simple_Sasha made the process look so effortless, like she had been rolling these romantic rippers from the first day she started smoking. But it couldn’t be as easy as Sasha made it look in the short clip, for we’d have been smoking these beautiful blunts from the jump. I set out to investigate.

When I walked into the flower shop to pick up some roses, I almost made a very expensive error. Though Sasha secured what appeared to be a fully intact rose for her demonstration, I couldn’t be so sure I’d nail these blunts on the first few tries. A dozen roses are expensive, to say the least — I’m just lucky we weren’t trying these out in early February.

Thankfully, the florist let me in on a little secret once I explained these petals would be utilized purely as a delivery system for weed…

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