FBI was warned about alleged shooter nearly 5 months ago, tipster says : news

sure, it’s easy in hindsight to hyper-focus on a comment we already know to be legitimate, but how many online tips do you think the FBI investigate in a day? Imagine I link you 50 youtube comment death threats, and thanks to youtube being what it is, I could find all 50 within the same video. Which of these 50 comments can you filter out, and which need to be followed up more thoroughly with IP tracing, warrants, or maybe a physical investigation?

Remember, if you pick the wrong comment to “Deep investigate” first, it means you might not even start investigating the real threat until after it’s happened – Now people are calling you lazy for not investigating a tip, even though you’ve spend the last 6 months up to your chode in FBI and court paperwork, requesting warrants and waiting for slow-ass government employees to maybe get back to you today so you can finish investigating the 6 tips that came before the tip everyone is now pretending was the only tip you ever got. There’s a lot of pressure to quickly weed out false positives, and it’s irresponsible to assume that any procedure exists which can do this with 100% accuracy.

Eventually someone will miss something, or be fooled into pursuing the wrong thing first. It’s not a question of oversight, laziness, or what reddit thinks the government should do, but the limitations of what is physically possible for a human-run organization.

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