7 Best Board Games to Play High

Getting stoned and sitting around talking is fun. But it’s even more fun to get stoned and sit around and play board or card games – especially on a cold night. So if the weather’s not so good outside, and you want to have your stoner circle over, try one of our 7 favourite games to play stoned!

Not every smoking circle is an occasion for talking and socializing. Sometimes, to make things a bit more fun and interactive, you have to pull out board games or card games. Of course, if you’re into video games, that can be fun too – but make sure there are enough controllers or computers for everybody! So if you want to do something a little bit different at your next smoking circle, check out our list of best games to play while high.

Not all games are suitable while you’re high. Games that are too simple and fast can be boring. At the same time, games that are too complicated or last for too long can cause everybody to burn out. In this list, you’ll find games that are perfect for those stoner moments, and we’ve even paired them up with strains for you!

1. Cards Against Humanity

Most people know of the game Cards Against Humanity. This…

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