Vermont Legislators Consider Bill Allowing Towns to Classify Pot Odor as a “Public Nuisance” – News

Photo limiting potential odors from marijuana smoke.

The state House of Representatives is currently debating a bill that would empower cities and towns to classify the smell of marijuana as a “public nuisance,” allowing cops to ticket individuals who are purportedly disturbing their neighbors with pot odors. The state’s current cannabis law already allows landlords to“I feel, as a non-marijuana user, that I should not have somebody else’s use impact my life,” South Burlington Police Chief Trevor Whipple told a House committee during a hearing on the bill,“We might be jumping the gun on this one a little bit,” State Rep. Cindy Weed said, vote on the bill today, and if it passes, the bill will move on to the full House for a vote. If the bill becomes law, it will go into effect on July 2nd of this year, giving cannabis users one day to fill the state with the dank smell of cannabis as they please.

Vermont ‘s cannabis legalization law is unique among canna-legal states in the U.S. in that all marijuana sales are still illegal. Adults are free to consume cannabis, but they must grow it themselves or receive it as a gift.

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