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New York City Won’t Stop Using the Guise of Weed Arrests to Discriminate Against People of Color

Earlier this month, in the aftermath of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ promise that he would continue his crusade against state-legalized cannabis, one unlikely detractor emerged from the shadows to chastise the leader of our nation’s Department of Justice. Jeff Sessions’ …

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Vermont Becomes First State to Legalize Marijuana Through Legislature

The Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Rhode Island legislatures are expected to seriously consider making marijuana legal for adults this year as well, and the New Hampshire House recently approved a similar measure. In Michigan, signatures …

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New Study Finds Legal Cannabis Equals Fewer Pharmaceuticals

“Legal access to cannabis may reduce the use of multiple classes of dangerous prescription medications in certain patient populations,” according to the results of a new study. Regardless of what some officials in the Trump administration believe, Americans have a …

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