What Are The Different Kratom Strains & How Did They Get Their Names?

Decisions, decisions … It seems like every consumer product comes in dozens of different varieties, enough to give the most decisive person analysis paralysis. With hundreds of years of use and development behind it, Kratom is no exception. 

A quick visit to your favorite Kratom vendor will leave you astounded by the sheer variety of choices available. Strange, exotic named Kratom products greet you everywhere you look. That’s not a marketing stunt, by the way; it’s a natural byproduct of the plant’s origin. Since the plant is found in Southeast Asia, its nomenclature is heavily influenced by that location.

In our 5th article here at The Weed Blog, we are going to take a closer look at the different Kratom strains, and how they get their names. So, read on to learn more! 

With Kratom, you have two major decisions to make when you buy – the color, and the strain. While all Kratom comes from the plant Mitragyna speciosa, trees grown in different regions have evolved with different genetic profiles. This has resulted in different alkaloid profiles and different reported effects for the many strains of Kratom available. (Reminder: Naturally occurring…

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