Pisces Strains: 8 Best Strains for Pisces Season

Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, symbolized by two fish locked in an eternal orbit; the image is simultaneously fluid and rigid. And like its iconography, Pisces energy is dramatic on its surface, but soft and yielding within, a juxtaposition of galaxy brain wisdom and childlike naivete that’s earned the sign a reputation as both badass and baby soft.

Pisces vibes are spiritual, dramatic, fantastical, and ephemeral, so if the Zodiac days between February 18th and March 19th got you feeling a bit more tender than usual, consider channeling that energy with these cultivars. They may just help you creatively transmute that energy well past the crossover from winter into spring.

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Beautiful Nightmare

Beautiful Nightmare is a peppy, energetic hybrid of Blue Dream and Black Maduro that reportedly delivers a euphoric, mood-mollifying head high and a smooth, effervescent body high. Depending on your resting state, this strain can also be an agent of relaxation, so use it with intuition and intention, just like a Pisces would.

Expect a sour fruit nose and a mossy, citrusy…

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