Aries Strains: 8 Fiery Strains for Aries Season

To the sophisticated Zodiac stoner, Aries season is the landrace strain of astrological signs — not only is it wild and explosive, but it also comes first.

The Zodiac wheel begins and ends with Aries, the chaotic alpha/omega sign of the Zodiac starting on March 20 and ending on April 19. Aries is not only the cardinal fire sign, it’s also ruled by the overwhelmingly raw energy of Mars. It’s wild and sexual, explosive and eager, fierce and fearless; and frankly, plenty of us soft stoners would do well to lean into that energy during Aries season and beyond.

Fire sign fans and Zodiac stoners alike, consider these eight cultivars that speak loudly and intensely to the Aries spirit.

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Strain hunters take note: this rare cultivar is a mystery flower well worth the hunt. Born from inscrutable origins, consumers describe Firecracker’s effects as electric in the body and calm in the head. Firecracker’s mashup of cerebral effects and body buzz make it an exceptional daytime strain, but novice consumers beware: this cultivar’s effects might be potent enough to trigger paranoia in those inexperienced or…

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