9 Best Strains for Partying

Whether you’re naturally energetic and want to feel calm and relaxed, or you’re shy and want to feel more outgoing, cannabis can be a great social lubricant for those who need extra comfort during social gatherings. There are multiple cannabis cultivars that could be beneficial, and looking at the perceived effects of specific genetics can help find the one.

What makes a great party strain?

A party is when a group of friends are invited to celebrate an event or special occasion where you’re expected to socialize, dance and laugh the night away! But what strains will be ideal for the big night out?

The three main types of cannabis are sativas, indicas, and hybrids. Indicas are renowned for their relaxing body-stone, whereas sativas are renowned for their uplifting and euphoric head-high. Most cannabis connoisseurs believe hybrids to be the happy medium between both extremes and are an excellent option for any party.

So join us as we guide you through the nine best strains for those looking to have a great night out!

1. Blue Bullet Automatic

If you’re looking for a strain to keep you elevated and social on the big night out, Blue Bullet Automatic might be the one for…

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