9 Best Strains for Laughs and Giggles

Just about everybody’s favourite cannabis experience is the one that gets you on the floor giggling yourself to death. There’s just something so remedial about that belly laugh that has you almost peeing your pants. Some strains are better at bringing about that giggle fit than others, so we’ve compiled them into this article for you.

They say that laughter is the best medicine – and why not? Maybe that’s the truth about the medicinal benefits of cannabis: it leaves you in a giggle fit that energizes you for hours after it happens. Nothing feels better than a good old belly laugh – the kind that puts you on the verge of peeing your pants and possibly even crying.

Think about it. We spend so much of our lives looking for the remedy for how we feel. People dive headfirst into supplements, herbs, exercise, yoga. But what everybody really needs is a solid laughing session. There is literally no way to laugh while you’re feeling depressed, and somehow cannabis has the power to ultimately elicit that kind of response.

Laughter employs the muscles of your face, lung, throat, vocal cords and abdomen. It reduces stress hormones in the body and…

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