10 Best Sativa Strains for Your Productivity

If you enjoy smoking but find yourself losing energy, you may just need to change the type of weed you’re smoking. Yes, weed can have a relaxing effect, but it can also do the opposite. Sativa strains for example can induce a happy, more productive experience and can actually give you a little burst if you are naturally tired or a less energetic person. Check out our favourite strains for productivity below!

“You’re lazy if you smoke weed.”

“Smoking makes you less productive.”

“Weed just makes you tired and boring.”

These are all common misperceptions about marijuana. Many non-smokers and new smokers express concerns about weed as a sluggish drug, reserved for night-time or relaxed scenarios.

Yes, smoking weed can decrease stress and relieve the muscles, but it can do much more. The effect depends on the strain of weed you smoke, and if it’s an indica or sativa strain. The most common strains to relax are indica, an ideal kind of weed for chill, laid-back activities.

Sativa strains, on the other hand, are meant for a more happy, uplifting experience. The best…

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