Adam Silver Partly Blames NBA Weed Ban on Travel

While some National Basketball Association (NBA) executives, coaches, and players have come out in support of marijuana reform within the league, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has not been as willing to embrace the changing cannabis climate.

In a sit-down interview held before the NBA Draft with Portland Trail Blazers’ guard CJ McCollum for The Player’s Tribune, Silver stated that he doesn’t “see the need for any changes right now” in reference to the league’s policy on marijuana use by players.

McCollum pointed out that while he doesn’t use cannabis himself, he and other players reside in states where it is perfectly legal to do so, either medicinally or recreationally. Silver’s response implied that players may not be able to handle the logistics of being on the road with their medicine, countering that players travel extensively and the inconsistencies in legal protections for marijuana state-to-state could prove to be somewhat of a “trap.”

McCollum and Silver didn’t expand any further on the topic of marijuana use in the league, but it has been a frequent point of contention in the past for the commissioner, who governs a league that falls…

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