What should I do if stopped at a traffic checkpoint?

In Germany, many people lose their driving licence without ever driving while high. Read here how you can avoid that.

Germany is by no means the strictest country when it comes to punishing the possession of cannabis or dealing in it, and nowadays it has one of the most progressive laws on the use of medicinal cannabis. But when it comes to driving licences, Germany is more repressive than almost any other country in the world.

This was not always the case, but since the decriminalisation of small quantities of cannabis in the mid-1990s, driving-licence offences appear to act as a kind of surrogate for minor cannabis offences. Because Germany punishes not just anyone who drives under the influence of cannabis, but also sober drivers who consumed cannabis days or even weeks previously. It does so by applying the uniquely low threshold value of 1 ng of THC/ml. This is in fact so low that there is no intoxication. As a comparison: intoxication occurs at approx. 20 ng, and after an average joint, you would have about 50-70 ng of…

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