Water Pipes by the Mystical Illuminati Glass

Illuminati Glass Water Pipes: Functional Glass Elevated to the Highest Level

American minimalist artist Carl Andre once said, “Art is an intersection of many human needs.”

Illuminati Glass has found a way to combine many human needs into their intricate and creative water pipes. Utilizing art in water pipes is nothing new, but Illuminati is one of the companies that continually takes it to another level. From small, detailed sculptures in the chambers to spinning sprockets around the neck, Illuminati Glass is constantly finding new ways to add style to pipes full of the latest in percolation and recycler technology.

One of the signature designs throughout the Illuminati Glass collection is dripping honey. Many of the larger and mid-sized pipes have colored dabs of honey dripping down the neck just below the mouthpiece, as well as around the edges of the bowl. The use of honey on the outside of the pipes gives a sense of fluidity and continuity to an object that utilizes water as a major element in its functionality. It also acknowledges the smoothness of the hits these pipes produce.

Illuminati Glass Dab Rigs Water Pipes

Illuminati dab rigs are some their most popular items. Featuring a recycler…

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