Sunset Sherbert Marijuana Strain Review

Sunset Sherbert courtesy of Sherbinski

Strain Overview

The Scoop: An emerging Bay Area legend, Sunset Sherbert provides a one-of-a-kind flavor that has won the hearts of cannabis connoisseurs around the globe. While she is still new to the strain game, Sherbert’s tastebud-teasing terpenes have made her an instant classic. Her relation to the Kush family makes Sherbert a powerful smoke whose flavor remains complex and effect remains strong — no amount of tolerance prepares you for her strength.

The Result: A breath of refreshing air, Sunset Sherbert is a balanced hybrid that provides uplifting and inspiring effects while still relieving the body of aches and pains. She is a fantastic strain to smoke during the day to get things done but also a strain you can unwind and relax with at the end of the day. As Charlie Sheen would say, winning!

The Verdict: The hype is real. Smoke it if you got it, get it if you don’t. The real deal Sherbinski-Certified Sunset Sherbert will leave your palate satisfied, curious, and craving another hit.

Strain Characteristics


sunset-sherbert-terpene-profileType: Hybrid

Also Known As: Sherbert, Sherbet

Genetics: Original Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties

Origin: Bay…

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