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Cannabis consumers come in many forms, so we’ve included multiple points of view in our strain reviews. Our longtime reviewers Monterey Bud and Duke London join Managing Editor Lesley Nickus and “Antonio” from the media department. Today, they’ll be reviewing Mourning Breath by Golden State Cultivators. Test results were not submitted with this sample.

Mourning Breath Cultivar

Monterey Bud

Holy halitosis! This “Mourning Breath” bud produces nose-burning fumes at first whiff.  A perfect wake-n-bake strain or afternoon motivator, she’s a flame-throwing Sativa-dominant hybrid. Grown by Golden State Cultivators, this cut of hybridized cookie genetics embraces the crazy, pure gas aroma of grapes and jet fuel. Once freed from their sealed jar and dissected for consumption, Mourning Breath’s potent aromatic terpenes put the household on notice. It’s review time. The Mourning Breath bud was firm yet pliable, and resembled a crystallized kaleidoscope of purple, peach, and green. A flavorfully loud, kush-forward smoke that sparks the creative process, my nug of Mourning Breath looked and smelled like a prime example of what happens when exceptional genetics intersect with great cultivators.

Duke London

Maybe this is a personal problem, but I was expecting a vastly different aroma for this strain.  Upon opening my bag of Morning Breath, a rush of fresh laundry and spring flowers engulfed my senses. Just like my haphazard laundry process, Morning Breath has a wide assortment of colors — and even some whites scattered about. Because sometimes spring means snowstorms if you live in the Northeast, this Hybrid is covered with frost over a colorful green and orange bouquet. After just a couple of hits, the Morning Breath made its presence felt quite effectively, especially in the frontal forehead region.

Lesley Nickus

My nug of Mourning Breath had hues of deep green and mint speckled with orange hairs, some purple flecks and a light coating of trichomes. I smelled a light floral aroma at first, but when I broke up the nug, the light smell of berries and diesel came across. I smoked it in a joint and the effects were initially uplifting and really potent. As time went by, though, I felt a little too alert and aware of my thoughts. For me, Mourning Breath was a great creative motivator that I plan to consume again. I’ll just enjoy less of it next time because it’s potent.


What does it look like?

Nice color. I like the lighter green.

What does it smell like?

There’s pine in there. I smell Christmas Trees. I’m bad with smells.

How does it feel?


How did I smoke it?

In a joint.

How does it taste?

I don’t know … earthy.

How do I feel?

High. I’m more awake. I feel it around my head.

Strain reviews are conducted on strains submitted by cultivators and brands for consideration. If you have a favorite strain you’d like us to review, share your feedback in the comments.

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