Review: The Easy Grinder Isn’t Like Other Robo-Shredders

While I’m usually eager to utilize new cannabis technology, my enthusiasm for electronic grinders is typically reserved. The modified coffee grinders usually treat my flower with zero delicacy, which ends up doing more harm than good in the end. There is a very small window where weed is perfectly ground, and it isn’t when an electric grinder has emulsified the once dense and sticky buds to a dusty powder remnant. Rolling up a joint full of grounds with the consistency of kief will definitely not make for an enjoyable experience. First, it’s going to burn extremely quickly, which can quickly expose any flaws in the roll as it canoes gently down the stream. Secondly, because there is no open space, the lack of airflow can make joints rolled with “robot-grinds” really difficult to hit.

Not with the Easy Grinder.

This device requires some finesse, but it should — it’s for the elite-level smoker doing elite-level smoking activities. You don’t entrust a Ferrari to a 16-year-old learning how to drive for the first time, and you wouldn’t use this bad boy to roll your first joint. This is some 10,000 hours stuff.

At first glance, the Easy Grinder looks like…

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