New Mexico School Administrators Can’t Tell the Difference Between Marijuana and Nicotine Vaporizers – News

Smoking in the boy’s room is getting a little harder at Albuquerque, New Mexico’s La Cueva High School, where administrators are taking drastic measures to make sure students aren’t getting high with every millennial’s favorite oral fixation, vaporizers.

According to local news station KRQE, La Cuerva school officials are not happy with persistent vaporizer use on campus, and once administrators found out that the same space age smoking devices can be used for both nicotine e-juice and cannabis concentrates, they’ve turned to science to discourage the underage cloud blowers.

Using instant marijuana detection tests, administrators now open any confiscated vape and test the contents for cannabis.

“They’re test tubes in plastic and you pour the oil from the e-cig inside and you shake it up. If it turns a certain color, you know it’s positive.” La Cueva High School Principal Dana Lee said.

“A few years ago our crossroads councilor presented a Powerpoint that actually described how e-cigarettes were being used for marijuana. In place of nicotine in an e-cig, they use marijuana oil.” Lee added. “Since they were really publically accepted out there…

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