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When you inhale cannabinoids and limonene together, there is an entourage effect of the various compounds working on different systems at the same time. Cannabinoids modulate the ECS, other GPCRs, PPARs, TRP channels, monoamines and other systems, while limonene also modulates monoamines at the same time. This can promote an interesting situation because the entourage of these molecules can work in different ways, depending on the individual. Which of these compounds are enhancing or inhibiting neurotransmitter release, at what ratio, for how long, and is that what’s needed to achieve homeostasis, or is it provoking instability? The combination of cannabinoids and limonene for one person may bring them out of a depressive and stressful state, while stimulating severe anxiety and paranoia for another. Thankfully, this is why there is a variety cannabis chemovars that have different terpenes and cannabinoids, at infinite ratios, allowing everyone to find the best entourage effect for their individual desired effects.

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