Kentucky teachers to skip work after lawmakers’ ‘bait and switch’ on pension reform : news

I’ve been going to college to be an educator for almost three years now, but I will never be an educator in Kentucky.

A lot of people don’t realize this, but when you become a teacher in KY you lose your right to social security benefits. Even if you worked 20 years in the private sector before becoming a teacher, you lose almost 75% of your social security. 75% of what you paid in before ever being a teacher just gone.

You also don’t receive your spouse’s social security death benefits if you were a teacher.

Kentucky also requires every teacher to get a master’s degree within a set amount of time, which they don’t pay for, leaving teachers in massive debt while making very little for someone with a master’s.

Instead of respecting teachers, Kentucky has spent decades raiding the money that teachers and other state workers have been paying into their own pensions.

The Kentucky state government has spent too long robbing the poor to feed the rich, and it’s time to change that. If they don’t, there will be no new teachers in this state.

I know as soon as I have my bachelor’s I won’t be staying in Kentucky, and I can’t imagine anyone else trying to become an educator would either. At this point it would be stupid to become a teacher in this state.

I know that a lot of people on the right like to argue that teachers should just suck it up or do it because of the kids, but imagine working in a factory and getting treated the same way. Imagine working in a hospital, restaurant, retail, coal mines, or a farm and being told that your pension is gone because your state government spent the money you’ve been paying in on blackjack and hookers. Use the money coming in from these two things to repay the pension fund in full, give teachers raises, and ensure that this never happens again.

A teacher that sacrifices their lives to educate the future generation should never have to worry about how they are going be able to afford retirement.

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