Huxton Launches Lifestyle Apparel and Accessories

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Huxton is one of the first and leading experience-based flower brands in the U.S., producing award-winning cannabis strains that are identified by their effects and the user’s experience. Family owned-and operated, Huxton was launched to simplify the buying process and give the consumer more control over their cannabis experience. With the mission to change the way people perceive, interact and experience cannabis, Huxton crafted a new perspective on how to delineate the effects of cannabis that is more accurate and consistent than the current industry perspective, which is based only on the three basic subsets (sativa, indica, hybrid). Applying the latest knowledge in cannabis science and terpene chemistry to select the world’s best genetics, Huxton’s cannabis products are categorized in cannabis “series,” which are organized and named to identify their effects, as opposed to the traditional H/S/I model, which is an identifier of plant structure rather than the user’s experience. Huxton’s Series include Rise, Zen and HiFi. To learn more about Huxton and its Series, visit

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