Did Lyft and Taco Bell Just Solve the Stoned Driving Dilemma?

With Uber battling a string of critical errors at the executive level, primary competitor Lyft is taking advantage of the sudden stretch of open highway to flex their pink mustache muscles.

Oh, you’re wondering why you just read about the battle for supremacy within the ridesharing vertical on Marijuana.com? My bad, that’s a totally valid question. Perhaps it is because Lyft, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to team up with Taco Bell to silence the seemingly endless debate on stoned driving and THC nanograms and modified breathalyzer devices (oh my).

By eliminating some of the most common components in many stoned (or drunk) driving incidents — such as driving with the carnal desire for food that trumps all other decision-making skills — Lyft and Taco Bell could truly revolutionize the global impaired driving crisis faster than Elon Musk’s autonomous cars could ever dream of doing.

Did we mention the free tacos yet?

Lyft and Taco Bell announced their new partnership yesterday to universal excitement from drivers and riders alike — not to mention shareholders.

Taco Bell and Lyft are two like-minded brands at the forefront of technology and innovation….

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